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AX-Gaming Announces White RTX 4090

Chinese manufacturer AX-Gaming has announced an interpretation of the NVIDIA RTX 4090 chip: in white. It’s aimed at gamers who care about a little more (or a little) more contrast in their rigs. AX-Gaming RTX 4090 X3W It uses the same AD102 chip as the best graphics cards today. Its backplate shows this with a stylized “Ada 1” in blue.

The AX-Gaming RTX 4090 X3W is nothing new in the brand’s design choices. AX-Gaming tends to produce white graphics cards that make up the bulk of the company’s portfolio. The company started designing cards around the time of Nvidia’s RTX 20 series (which introduced ray tracing at a huge performance cost) and has come out with as many as 15 designs for the RTX 30 series. The product must have been well received.

Based on the construction of the card and where it is sold, it is probably manufactured by Palit.

(Image credit: AXGaming)

The cooler itself is mostly white, but there are some elements that soften the snowiness. These are low-contrast brushed aluminum and blue, and their presence is mostly found on the card’s faceplate. It geometrically divides his three 90 mm fans responsible for airflow circulation in what AX-Gaming calls a “Punk Max” design. A fan ensures airflow through the cooler’s fin array, and the heat drawn from the AD102’s compute he cools through his nine 6mm copper heatpipes.

There is also a painted detail in the center of each fan. The middle fan has he AX-Gaming logo and the outermost fan has a stylized “ABXY” logo. It’s probably lucky that the logo itself looks like a spinning disc when the cards are put through its paces.

Promotional image of AX-Gaming RTX 4090

(Image credit: AXGaming)

The backplate is mostly white and broken with a cutout pattern that allows airflow to circulate more freely. Alongside the card, the edge carrying the 16-pin power connector is complemented by a white metal grille and the same brushed aluminum color “RTX 4090”, while the company logo features an LED lighting system. is.

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