Bankrupt miner Core Scientific Bitcoin production rose 5% in December

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Bankrupt bitcoin (BTC) miner Core Scientific saw its December output increase by more than 5%, from 1,356 BTC in November to 1,435 BTC, according to a Jan. 9 report. statement.

During this period, Core Scientific said the self-mining hash rate rose from 15.4 EH/s to 15.7 EH/s.

Meanwhile, the miner added that the total hashrate was 23.7 EH/s as of December. This metric adds the data center services the company provides to its customers. According to Core Scientific, the company’s customers have also increased their output from 795 BTC to 931 BTC.

The increase was recorded despite shutting down data centers several times in November and December, according to the bankrupt company. BTC Miner wrote:

“The savings in November and December were 5,828 MWh and 17,179 MWh, respectively. We are collaborating with

Several BTC miners temporarily shut down operations in December due to winter storms.

Meanwhile, Core Scientific filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on December 21. Subsequent reports revealed that the miner owed the most debt ($1.3 million) among public BTC mining companies.

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