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The long awaited day has finally arrived. His two biggest and perhaps the most thematically different summer blockbusters, depicting the cinematic collision of matter and antimatter, are out on the same day.Everyone who celebrated was really happy Babenheimer to you.

The conversation around “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” is fraught with danger of relying on gender essentialism and lazy stereotypes of taste. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. “Oppenheimer” is for boys and “Barbie” is for girls. But what I find very interesting about many things is that “Bavenheimer” Meme They’re also how they subtly tease those assumptions, treating the notion of “masculine” and “feminine” aesthetics as more artificial, interchangeable, and downright laughable than it might seem at first glance.

i admit it Babenheimer meme still makes me laugh. (oh dear, good stuff.) joke It makes me laugh about how ridiculously overkill the Verbenheimer meme is at this point. I wanted to contribute as well. So behold— Babenheimer: Playlist.

Sometimes a good playlist is all about consistency and tonal similarity. But I also love experimenting with aesthetic contrasts when compiling a collection of songs. The wilder the better. And I definitely got a little wild on this one.

Yes, this playlist continues either Leonard Cohenmost depressing song ever Natasha Bedingfield‘s mid-August feel-good radio hit “Unwritten.” again, nine inch nails A song containing a fake pop song that interpolates (in a generous term in this context) the same Nine Inch Nails song. One of his not included is “Barbie Girl”. Even I know my limits.

But despite this odd combination, I hope you find something to enjoy at the extremes of this playlist. We all have more of our inner ‘Barbie’ and inner ‘Oppenheimer’. Here’s a soundtrack that will satisfy both.

Read while listening on Spotify.

Shirelles They were the first group to record the sweet swooning “Baby It’s You,” written by Burt Bacharach, Luther Dixon and Mac David, and they were a hit, but I’m underrated. I love the driving tempo of this 1980 version by British post-punk band Dolly. mixture. (get it? dolly?) (listen on youtube)

Trent Reznor’s recording career began with a tooth-gnashing roar, with this blistering track marking the beginning of Nine Inch Nails’ 1989 debut album, Pretty Hate Machine. The chorus sounds like someone flipping an entire cutlery drawer over, but it still rules absolutely and clearly. Rest in peace he would have loved J. Robert Oppenheimer Nine Inch Nails. perhaps. (listen on youtube)

In a 2019 episode of the sci-fi anthology show Black Mirror, Miley Cyrus played Ashley O, a fictional pop star with a Barbie pink Bob and a creepy hologram alter-ego. One of Ashley Oh’s hits amusingly interpolates “Head Like a Hole,” turning its most brutal lyrics into a hollow, #girlboss-worthy slogan. (Reznor, a fan of the show, approved the use of his music, including “Flirting,” a remake of “Heart,” but the episode was tragically never made.) “On a Roll.” is so dystopian and absurd that it’s legitimately fun, at least catchier than anything we’ve heard on “The Idol.” (listen on youtube)

“And we’re all going straight to hell!” , screams from the middle of hell of guitar noise. (listen on youtube)

2014’s “Every Night” is overly sweet, synthetically glossy, and a little spooky, as if written and performed by an AI program based on ’90s Jock Jam and Max Martin hits. I can hear you. But in reality, this is the work of British musician and visual artist Hannah, who has worked with the experimental pop collective PC Music. (Her recent single, “Affirmation” There is also a little Ashley O atmosphere. ) (listen on youtube)

“Avalanche,” the sullen opening to Cohen’s 1971 Song of Love and Hate… absolutely One of the songs of hate. (listen on youtube)

If there was ever a CW coming-of-age drama about my life (which it probably won’t), I think this should be the theme song.curse “hill” to get there first. (listen on youtube)

Here is Danzig at full strength from Lou Reed’s 1982 solo album The Blue Mask. He is one of the mid-term gems buried in his extensive discography. The song is cartoonishly spooky, but it’s also a very compelling anxiety attack evoke. “Waves of terror, pulsing with death/I curse my trembling, I jump on my feet.”listen on youtube)

The great electronic performer and producer who passed away in 2021, Sophie pushes beyond the limits of the material world to reach for something transcendent and liberating in this swirling pop fantasy. It is featured on her first and only full-length album Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides, released in 2018.listen on youtube)

That’s the end of this playlist. not crying be crowded. (listen on youtube)

There are more songs than song conventions,


Listen on Spotify. We will update this playlist with each new newsletter.

“Verbenheimer: Unofficial Playlist” Tracklist
Track 1: Dolly Mixture “Baby It’s You”
Track 2: Nine Inch Nails “Head Like A Hole”
Track 3: Ashley Oh “On a Roll”
Track 4: McCluskey “To Hell With Good Intentions”
Track 5: Hannah Diamond “Every Night”
Track 6: Leonard Cohen “Avalanche”
Track 7: Natasha Bedingfield “Unwritten”
Track 8: Lou Reed ‘Waves of Fear’
Track 9: Sophie “In Material”
Track 10: The Gap Band “You Dropped A Bomb On Me”

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