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Battlefield 2042 Season 2 Details Revealed

Battlefield 2042 will soon enter Season 2 – Master of Arms.

The next season kicks off on August 30th on all platforms and brings new maps, new Specialists, tons of new weapons and hardware, and 100 tiers of new Battle Pass content.

Season 2: Master of Arms shifts the action to the Panama Canal with the new Stranded map. An exciting new battle across a drained lake against a wrecked tanker that also serves as an illicit black market hub.

Battlefield 2042 players will vie for control of Starg Ceres, now a marketplace for illegal military hardware. As you can imagine, the tanker itself prefers close combat with narrow passages, a lot of cover and short distances between targets. You might want to pack a shotgun.

Charlie Crawford is the new Specialist for Season 2. He is a former arms dealer with a mounted Vulcan stationary minigun (which can be used by other Specialists) and the ability to reanimate his teammates and refill their gadgets’ ammo.

When it comes to weapons, Season 2 has some new guns.

The new AM40 offers a mid-range alternative that sits between an assault rifle and a submachine gun, while the Avancys is a lightweight machine gun that maximizes mobility and attachments. The PF51 sits between his SMG and pistol, but with a huge magazine.

The new Concussion Grenade gives players a chance to confuse and confuse their enemies.

Thanks to the black market, you can get all this and more…and even new ways to get your favorite weapons in All-Out Warfare.

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Completing missions will unlock Vault weapons. These weapons were previously only available in Battlefield Portal, such as the M60E4 and his M16A3. These are the first two that will be available in the new season, but some will become available later as the season progresses.

Overall, the latest season of Battlefield 2042 has a lot of new features. Even better, all gameplay-affecting items can be unlocked without the Premium Battle Pass, so you can earn them as you level up.

Want to learn more about Battlefield 2042? Check out the Battlefield 2042 Season 2 gameplay trailer and how popular Battlefield 2042 compares to other titles.

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