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Best PlayStation Early Black Friday Deals: Today’s Top PS5 Offers

Black Friday sales have already started this week, and there are already some impressive deals for PlayStation owners to check out.There are already discounts on SSDs, video games, headsets and more, so your favorite early PS5 Black Check out all our Friday deals.Black Friday sales are just getting started, so be sure to follow us @IGNDeals Follow us on Twitter for the latest deals and bookmark your favorite IGN Black Friday pages so you don’t miss out!

When does PlayStation Black Friday start?

Sony has announced that PlayStation’s Black Friday 2022 deal kicks off on Friday, November 18, one week before the actual Black Friday. Few things get in the way of information, like participating retailers, but you know you’ll save 25%. I’m still not sure if it’s global or a variable.

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Black Friday 2022: Where to Buy a PS5 Now

Ask Amazon nicely and you might get an invitation to buy a PS5. Not only that, according to a number of recent reports, Amazon has been sending out an incredible number of invites over the past few days and shows no signs of slowing down. I’ll include all the links to where you can buy (or request to buy) a PS5 now right below this one. @IGNDeals on Twitter.

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PS5 Console – God of War Ragnarok bundle

Best PlayStation SSD and Storage Black Friday Deals

PlayStation 5 owners are in luck, as these new Black Friday deals on SSDs are absolutely perfect for those who haven’t expanded the PS5’s storage capabilities yet. If you want my suggestions, With a 2 TB Samsung 980 Pro heatsink priced at just $189.99, Otherwise, the $119.99 1 TB model is also a bargain. This is a proper Black Friday deal, paying just over $94 per GB. If you need installation tips, check out this dedicated page.

Samsung 980 PRO with 2TB SSD Heatsink

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Samsung 980 PRO with 2TB SSD heatsink

Perfect for PS5. Includes heatsink.

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Best PS5 Video Game Black Friday Deals (Early Bird Discounts)

GameStop has already sold a lot of games for the PS5 and PS4, so there’s a lot to get stuck before other retailers start offering their own discounts. Goat Simulator 3 for dollars, or Ghostwire Toyko is only $25.

Best Black Friday PS5 Accessory Deals

Accessory deals are a bit light at the moment when it comes to Black Friday deals, but if you were looking for a new PS5 headset, the new Sony Inzone series is a great choice. $78 now.

Sony-INZONE H7 Wireless Gaming Headset

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Sony-INZONE H7 Wireless Gaming headset

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Looking for more sales?See our guide Video game black friday sale for more options.

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