Beyoncé Returns to the Stage With a ‘Renaissance’ Spectacle

They came from Iceland, Portugal, Switzerland and Detroit. Crowds gathered at Friends’ he arena on Wednesday in chic “alien superstars” in rhinestone boots and disco-ready sparkly cowboy hats. on her outfit.

Beyoncé is back on stage.

The singer, style icon and heroine of the global BeyHive fan community will return to the Renaissance World Tour for the first time in seven years. The Renaissance World Tour kicked off in Sweden on Wednesday and featured elaborate visuals, but with Beyoncé’s own unusual physical restraint.

On stage in Stockholm’s 50,000-capacity arena, she appeared surrounded by dancers and backed by a live band, performing in front of a giant screen for three hours. At one point, the 41-year-old artist swapped dance moves with a pair of giant robotic arms. In another, a silver statue of an alien dancer in heels floated above a disco ball.

But one of pop’s ultimate dancing queens, Beyoncé’s performance was far less physical than her past tours. She often kept her legs still while rocking her upper body, and seemed to prefer her one leg. She spent most of one song sitting on a prop.

The star’s astute fan community speculated online that the singer may have been injured. Beyoncé’s publicist did not respond to questions about her performance.

Swedish fashion student Kristin Halden wore an embroidered jacket she made (image from the cover of her latest album Renaissance) depicting Beyoncé riding a horse. did not apply “The show was so great,” she said. “The dancers, the visuals, it never stopped.” Like many of the fans who attended the gig on the first day, she’s been in a few shows on tour, friends returning to her arena on Thursday, and Germany in June. head to Hamburg. “I’m very excited,” she added.

Competition for tickets to pop’s biggest and most expensive concerts was fierce, with many of the crowd traveling far, sometimes thousands of miles, just to ensure they could see Beyoncé this time. Thanks in part to the exchange rate, tickets in Sweden were much cheaper than in the US or UK, ranging from 650 to 1,495 Swedish kronor, or about $63 to $146.)

Actor Loyle Ivy King, 26, who wore a fluorescent turquoise jumpsuit and shades, said before the show that she had traveled from Los Angeles for the concert and spent about $2,500. whatever,” he said. “seriously.”

Beyoncé hasn’t toured alone since 2016’s Formation, which released “Lemonade,” which took pop culture by storm. In 2018, she performed at the Coachella Festival and performed with her husband Jay-Z on their joint tour ‘On the Run II’.

The new tour is for “Renaissance,” a tribute to decades of black queer dance music. This LP, her seventh solo release, hit her No. Since then, it has become her solo number 1 hit.

Notably, it was the first time in nearly a decade that a Beyoncé album was released without a full accompanying video. Starting with her 2013 surprise self titled her LP, the singer has become synonymous with her elaborate choreography and highly produced visual work.

On Wednesday, she revealed some futuristic fashion choices. A shimmering gold bodysuit adorned with black opera gloves that cover strategic locations. A black and silver suit resembling royal armor. At one point, Beyoncé wore her sci-fi chick: a yellow and black leotard with cutouts and sharp corners and knee-high black boots. The cyborg theme was also perfectly reflected in the merchandising stand, which sold her t-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags with silvery Beyoncé images.big city]Wind robot costume.

The set list includes 2003 debut solo album (“Crazy in Love”), 2008 double album “I Am … Sasha Fierce” (“Diva”) and 2011 LP “4” (“Love on Top”). ) songs were included. , “Move,” “America Has a Problem,” and “Cozy.” rose above the crowd.

In February, Beyoncé simply announced a Renaissance tour. post an image on social media. Three months ago, Taylor’s demand for tickets for his Swift’s Eras tour led to a Ticketmaster meltdown, frustrating many fans, and leading to the disappointment of Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live His Nation’s extraordinaire. called on Washington to investigate the market forces

To process ticket sales for Beyoncé’s tour, promoted by Beyoncé’s company Parkwood Entertainment and produced by Live Nation, Ticketmaster has meticulous planning This involved rolling out the sale in batches rather than all at once, which made the process much smoother.

Still, Beyoncé sparked controversy this year by performing a private show at a luxury hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where homosexuality is illegal. At the Friends Arena, there were signs indicating some “”.gender neutral toilet” is written in the official tour font.

Ores Mauigore, 35, traveling from Salt Lake City, said the “Renaissance” made him want to see the show. “I feel like we specialize in a lot of gay styles,” he says. “I’m more connected to it than what she’s been doing.”

Beyoncé capitalized on these connections throughout the show, giving up the stage to the dancers at the end of the night, giving way to the cheering crowd as they tried to outdo each other in the ballroom that inspired Renaissance. and popular culture.

Beyoncé’s tour continues in Stockholm on Thursday before arriving in London for five shows at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium from May 29. The North American tour will begin July 9th in Toronto, before heading to MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey in July. It will take place on the 29th and 30th and conclude on September 27th at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans.

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