Binance’s CZ puts Reuters reporter on blast for intent to report about his children


Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng (CZ) published a response to the company’s recent dealings with a Reuters reporter, complaining of a deliberate smear campaign by the news agency.

CZ referred to a “collapse of trust” due to adverse reports informed by anonymous sources. Recently, Reuters published several egregious articles about the exchange, including the company’s “lip service” to global regulators and its disregard for compliance standards in January.

On Oct. 10, after a further exchange with a Reuters reporter, CZ said the reporter’s questions were asked about Binance’s commitment to compliance and his leadership style, but his intentions to run the report about his children. said to have been included.

The Binance boss labeled the move, stating that such reports would endanger his infant.Irrational and intolerable. “

“What is unique about this time is that they have hit a new low and crossed the line into undefensible territory.

Given the reporter’s refusal to rule out the children’s stories, CZ decided not to get involved further and decided to take the unusual step of communicating “only a handful of topics” directly to the community. Decided.

Binance Reaffirms Commitment to Compliance

In 2022, Binance has hired 4,000 new employees to meet business demands.A large percentage of new hires Compliance, Investigation and Security.

Compliance Officer currently has a total of 500 employees worldwide. Regulatory, Investigative, and Law Enforcement Agencies.

Additionally, the exchange said it remains committed to developing a compliance framework that users can rely on.

Responding to previous reports that the company was used for laundering According to Binance, the criminal fund is $2.35 billion. Moreover, that total represents only 0.1% of total funding since 2019.

Reuters figures are highly exaggerated but show that Binance is one of the most effective financial institutions in keeping illicit funds off the platform. “

keep your family safe

This post also touched on a few other topics such as:

  • Leadership Style – Denies claims that CZ is intimidating and secretive.
  • Why keep your office location secret – for employee safety.
  • Worker Compensation – Workers decide how to pay their salaries, either in fiat currency, virtual currency, or a mix.

CZ said he wants an open and transparent relationship with the press and wants his family to be safe. Without assurance of the latter, he cannot commit to the former.

He echoed previous comments about long-term construction, concluding by saying that Binance “will last for over 100 years.”

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