Bitboy has not yet dropped his lawsuit against Atozy

Benjamin Armstrong, commonly known as “Bitboy,” has yet to drop his defamation lawsuit against YouTuber Attzy, despite publicly declaring that he would do so on Aug. 25, Attgee tweeted on Aug. 26. Stated.

According to the tweet, Armstrong filed for “return to service” on August 25th, and Erling “Atozy” Mengshoel is expected to respond by September 12th.

Atozy received a donation of $200,000 in defense funds in response to his crowdfunding appeal. In response to Armstrong’s public declaration to drop the lawsuit, Mensuell promised to refund all donations.

But in the current turmoil, Cobie has pledged an additional $100,000 to help defend Mengshoel.

But Armstrong told CryptoSlate that the dismissal of the lawsuit is a “process” and will take time. He said:

“I’m talking to my lawyer today. It will be officially removed by early next week. It’s a process.”

But Blockchain Association attorney and policy head Jake Chervinski said it would take five minutes to file a termination notice, something Armstrong has yet to do.

In an Aug. 25 video, Armstrong only wanted the defamatory video removed and apologized to Mengshoel for having to “go through this.” He added that he had no intention of doing so, and demanded Mengshoel either “delete the video” or “edit the wrong part.”

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