Bitcoin Association pursuing criminal charges against miner mining empty blocks


According to information on October 16, the Bitcoin Association, the non-profit organization responsible for the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, has revealed its intention to freeze block rewards and sue malicious miners for breach of contract. did. press statement.

According to the association, the miner has been acting maliciously on the BSV chain since it started producing empty blocks in June. This action negatively impacted the chain and affected “honest miners and businesses interacting with the Bitcoin SV network.”

Wikipedia defined An empty block as a block that holds no transaction record other than the generating transaction.

Miners have also been accused of constantly changing coinbase strings to avoid detection. However, the association has identified the miner’s address as ‘1KPSTuJMCMRXrTWHfCwpiRZg1ALbJzh844’.

The association noted that while the miners’ actions were not inherently fraudulent according to the whitepaper’s rules, their willful refusal to collect new transactions broadcast to the nodes amounted to “malpractice.”

“This miner is actively attacking the network in an attempt to capture block rewards while disrupting the economic activity of innocent users, businesses and honest miners.”

In addition to mining empty blocks, the Bitcoin Association has accused miners of conducting coordinated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against key network infrastructure and services.

The institution is seeking legal action against the miners, revealing that attempts to reach out to the miners have proven unsuccessful and urging relevant exchanges to freeze accrued block rewards. He continued that he was there.

Meanwhile, some within the BSV community defended the right of miners to create empty blocks, stating that it was simply an economic decision. One user pointed out that this is what decentralization is all about, no deal breakers.

BSV is a fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and currently trades at $48.65.

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