Bitcoin creator mystery continues: Dorian Nakamoto speaksout, unveils government contracting past

Dorian Nakamoto has denied any involvement in Bitcoin development.

In a video shared by @CryptoNews yesDorian Nakamoto has revealed that he has nothing to do with building Bitcoin (BTC), saying he is “just an engineer doing other things.”

“The main reason I’m here is to clear my name. I have nothing to do with Bitcoin or development.”

Furthermore, he revealed that he worked as a government contractor when Bitcoin was first developed in 2001, but did not mention the nature of this role.

When presented with a copy of a message from the forum, presumably where Satoshi Nakamoto reported on the development progress, Dorian Nakamoto stated that he “had never communicated with Bitcoin,” and that the message In 2010, dated “I’m Home.”

The Mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto

The identity of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is shrouded in mystery.

The Bitcoin community has put forward several leading candidates, including the late Halfini, a cryptographer who was extensively involved in the development of Bitcoin. Some speculate that Finney was the first beneficiary of his BTC transfer and sent the first bitcoin to himself.

Programmer Nick Szabo is also a popular choice. Szabo had already developed a decentralized proof-of-work cryptocurrency called ”.bit goldI published my paper in 1998, more than 10 years before Bitcoin appeared.

Recently, the discovery that every Mac operating system since Catalina has a Bitcoin whitepaper embedded has sparked renewed speculation linking Steve Jobs and Satoshi Nakamoto.

But while the person or group that created Bitcoin is widely considered technically competent when it comes to coding and cryptography, Jobs was not.

Apple co-founder Stephen Wozniak Although Jobs never wrote code, he said he was skilled enough to “modify, modify, and add to other designs” from time to time. He describes himself as an enlightened person.

“Steve never coded. He wasn’t an engineer and didn’t do his own designs.”

Dorian Nakamoto

Public information about Dorian Nakamoto described him as a Japanese-American physicist who adopted libertarian views after being fired many times.

After being “out” Newsweek In 2014, Dorian has consistently denied being Satoshi Nakamoto.

“I did not create, invent, or otherwise work with Bitcoin. I unequivocally deny the Newsweek report.”

In an accidental twist, at one point Dorian lived near Finney in Temple City, California.

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