Bitcoin maxis bullish on new leader of Canada’s Conservative Party


Bitcoin (BTC) maximalists celebrate the election of Pierre Polivre as the new leader of Canada’s Conservative Party.

Who is Pierre Polivre?

Pierre Polyvre rose to prominence this year in Ottawa for his support of the anti-vaccination campaign for truck drivers.

Since then, Polivre has repeatedly criticized the policies of the Justin Trudeau-led government, blaming the country’s top banks for high inflation and promising to put Canadians’ money back in their hands.

The Canadian government has drawn the ire of the cryptocurrency community after freezing more than 250 wallets linked to the Ottawa protests.

poirivere and crypto

The politician has become a darling of the crypto industry due to his numerous cryptocurrency declarations.

In March, Poilievre showed its support for the industry by using bitcoin to buy shwarma at an Ontario restaurant.

Polyvre Said He wants to make Canada the “capital of the world blockchain” when he is elected Prime Minister. He also promised to release the power of the cipher in the battle with the national inflation.

Pro-crypto politicians also swore Cancellation of the proposed Central Bank of Canada Digital Currency (CBDC) project if elected.

Polyvre reportedly Owns “Units of Destination Bitcoin, a Canada-based exchange-traded fund that holds cryptocurrencies.”

Voice of Bitcoin supporters

Dennis Porter, an avid Bitcoin advocate, said, “If Polivre secures the Prime Ministership of Canada, it is only a matter of time before the President of the United States becomes a Bitcoiner.”

Others, like Samson Maw, congratulated Polivre, adding that Canada has a real chance to fix it.

Simon Dixon said, “We need more politicians who understand sound money to weather what comes next for our economy.”

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