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Black Adam Will ‘Absolutely’ Fight Superman In the DCEU Says Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has promised that his DCEU character Black Adam will “absolutely” fight Superman in the next film.

talk cinema blendJohnson was convinced that Black Adam was entering a new era in the otherwise struggling DC Cinematic Universe.

When asked if Black Adam and Superman would ever throw their fists at each other, Johnson said:

He went on to argue that DC is currently doing its best to listen to fans and meet their expectations, but warned that it may not be able to do so “in the future.” .

Beginning with Man of Steel, and including the original Suicide Squad, Justice League, Wonder Woman, and more, Johnson firmly believes that the DCEU is going through a temporary period and will begin again with Black Adam.

“Eventually, over the months and years, we’ve come to what we’ve finally arrived at,” he said. It’s meant for a new era, a new time. Let’s build.”

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