Boy George Loves His Deeply Flawed Heroes


I make a lot of art out of cardboard and see it more often in galleries. People say my work resembles Basquiat.i say yes baski gay. I drew a picture of Andy called “Andy Warhol Hates Me” and put his words on it. “I went to see Boy George in Madison Square Garden and he was really fat.”


I lost my mother in March and it was the most emotional experience I have ever had. There is a picture of her on her stairs so you can see her when she comes and goes. we talk every day


A couple of years ago I went with the manager and his wife and ex-boyfriend. I don’t know why I did that. Being in Italy and eating cacio e pepe was just heaven. I wanted a boat. I probably wouldn’t get it, but I really loved being in that space.


My mother used to go shopping for stuffed parrots and stuff like that. She just loved bright and shiny things. A yellow piggy bank is the ugliest thing she loved. Every time she gets loose change she puts it in there.


I have lost weight, and everyone keeps telling me that my skin looks beautiful, so I feel that it is really effective. I’m not vegan anymore, but mostly vegetarian and like to eat clean. I use handbag theory. Stuffing your handbag will make it look bulky. But just adding a few things can make it look better.


Return to “What was I thinking when I was 17?” Of course, I was in love with John, but I was also writing about her parents’ relationship. I had a strange, idealistic idea of ​​what love was, but at the time I was 19 and he didn’t really want to be in a relationship. Everything was so confusing. “Poor John Moss,” I must say. I haven’t been in the music industry since the radio stopped playing my music. What I’m doing now is clearly much better, and that’s a fact.

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