Buterin advocates for censorship tolerance in special cases


Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted on October 17 that a single validator should be allowed to censor blocks in special cases.

Buterin made the statement in response to a hypothetical scenario in which a single validator of Sengoku refused to process a block because it contained a transaction donating funds to the Sengoku military. .

According to Buterin, censorship should be tolerated according to the level of violation. He added that other opinions could become the moral police of the ETH community.

Buterin continued, “Slashing, leaking, or socially adjusting something should only be considered to massively reorganize other people’s blocks, and not your own.” You shouldn’t make the wrong choice about what to put in your stuff.”

However, not everyone agrees with this point of view.bart claimed If the system tolerates network-level censorship for good reason, it can tolerate it for whatever reason, and it should reduce or demote validators.

Gnosis founder Martin Keppelmann agreed In this case, that censorship should be tolerated. But he’s now concerned about his MEV-boost censorship, which makes him 52% of all blocks.

In his view, the rapid rollout of MEV Boost was a mistake and should have been done more diligently.Since the merge, MEV Boost relays have more representation on Ethereum as validators outsource block generation. I now have a person. As a centralized organization, they must comply with compliance recommendations of the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

On the other hand, the crypto community Twitter poll by latetot.eth47.4% of the 1,010 votes agreed that single validators should be allowed, and 41.4% said they should be cut down for censorship. 11.2% of voters believe that solo validators should voluntarily terminate.

At the time of writing, 53% of ETH blocks generated in the last 24 hours were OFAC compliant. 50% of the blocks were OFAC compliant at the 7-day metric. data From mevwatch.

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