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Bykski’s New External Cooler Could Be Bigger than Your Desktop

If you’re using several different GPUs, or a very compact case with weak airflow, placing a giant cooler in a dedicated box on the outside of the case will help cool it down. can be taken to the next level. Cooling specialists Bykski have introduced a giant external cooler for extreme cooling Bykski B-1080-CEC-X The “External Cold Air Exhaust Heat Dissipation Chassis” features a 3×3 array of 120mm fans with an integrated pump, radiator and reservoir for easy installation in liquid cooling loops (G1/4).

With dimensions of 419 (H) x 488 (D) x 138mm (W), this unit looks like a typical mid-tower chassis, a bit slim, but overshadowed by compact mini-ATX systems. Become. Momo on Twitter spotted This cooler is priced at 72,356 yen before tax in Japan, and is currently around $525.

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