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CableMod Announce Nvidia RTX 4090 Right Angle Power Adapter

Cablemod has created a brand new 90 degree adapter For the 16-pin 12VHPWR power plug found on Nvidia’s RTX 4090. This adapter is designed to greatly reduce the profile of the power cable and eliminate the 90-degree bend that gets in the way. The adapter will be officially available for pre-sale on October 31st.

The adapter measures 36.3 H x 29 W x 23.2 mm D and features an all-black aesthetic that matches the 16-pin power cable. This adapter utilizes a multi-PCB design to achieve a 90 degree angle without compromising durability or reliability. Specifically, Cablemod says this implementation fixes the heat issues and terminal stresses that can occur with other of his 90-degree cable connectors.

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