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Call of Duty Player Takes Stand Against Violence by Starting Taxi Service In Warzone 2

Activision Blizzard’s Call of Duty: Warzone 2 may be a game that pits 150 super soldiers against each other in deadly combat, but one player has chosen a less violent career.

As reported by VG247, Reddit user Cressendammein Now you’re an in-game taxi driver thanks to Warzone 2’s new proximity voice chat feature. Players approach other squads and offer them a ride anywhere on the map unless they kill him first.

Calling for a five-star review, Crescendummain sticks only to the main roads, allowing players to travel smoothly to their destinations and offering the quintessential chit-chat along the way.

Proximity Chat, as the name suggests, means the player can hear the voice chat of nearby enemies. This, understandably, results in a lot of yelling and swearing, but Cressendammein uses it to spread a bit of familiarity to an otherwise intense first-person shooter.

Warzone 2, the successor to developer Infinity Ward’s hit Call of Duty Battle Royale, finally launched this week and brought a host of new features. The biggest of these changes is the new map Al Mazrah, but the series departs from its traditional Verdansk and Caldera settings.

The launch wasn’t all smooth, however, as several players encountered a glitch that locked them out of the game and told them to buy Modern Warfare 2 and come back.

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