Can decentralized site offer a better knowledge source for web3 than Wikipedia? #SlateCast 30

IQ Wikiformerly Everipedia, has ambitions to shake up blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge through open collaboration and a wiki-based editorial process.

Wikipedia is one of the top 10 most-visited websites and a go-to source of information, but has recently been criticized for its lack of methodical fact-checking, subjective standards of prominence, and political bias. One after another.

Additionally, site bias extends to cryptocurrencies, with editors keen to censor anything related to digital assets on the platform.

To fix the balance and bring an objective wiki experience, was formed to provide high quality digital asset information content across categories including NFT, DeFi, Layer 1 and more.

CryptoSlate reached out to’s Chief Community Officer, Navin Vethanayagam, for more information. is really necessary.

Addressing the above issues, Vethanayagam said that began as Everipedia and is a direct response to building a “more comprehensive encyclopedia”.

He said as far back as 2014, the team was watching what was happening on Wikipedia. In particular, how its notability criteria were used to discriminate, censor, and remove valuable pages.

The original plan was to compete directly with Wikipedia and match Wikipedia’s breadth of content topics. However, the team quickly realized that this strategy would be difficult in terms of scaling operations.

“Back then. The site, as an alternative to Wikipedia, was still focused on the broader goal of covering everything. It’s just not the best way.”

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