Cardano NFTs touted as next gold rush after ‘Ford Edwards’ sells for $65,000


Twitter user @ShiLLin_ViLLian I posted details of a Cardano NFT that sold for 180,000 ADA, or $64,300 at today’s prices.

Owned by Ford Edwards Great Ape Society Collectionrecently started by anonymous developers Cardman, Congo, and Matasa.

The owner’s husband posted a video of the sale in progress, including his reaction when the bug prevented confirmation of the sale. representative from jpg. The store said the engineers would “squash bugs.”

ape association

Inspired by Ethereumโ€™s Bored Ape Yacht Club, The Ape Society aims to develop communities through owner access to โ€œunique perks, events, and more,โ€ including rights to community-run Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). is also intended.

โ€œThe Ape Society is a collection of 7,000 unique NFTs generated on the Cardano blockchain. Claim your monkey by minting or buying through the secondary market and stake your place in our exclusive community. please.”

Each ape association NFT is derived from a set of “design-generated” traits. The 13 trait categories include hats, ears, weapons, and classes.

Class traits are integral to the collection’s background story, detailing a fictional tale set “long ago” in the world of “unsophisticated barbaric apes”. In this chaotic world, an ape named Giambuono de Medici wanted unity and cooperation among apes.

“He divided his retinue into seven ranks: nobles, royal advisers, military officers, merchants, explorers, artists, and craftsmen, each necessary for the survival and prosperity of society.”

Ape Society is available for purchase on Cardano’s secondary NFT marketplace jpg.storeAccording to the site’s landing page, the lowest price for the collection is currently 8,250 ADA ($2,600).

Is Cardano the Next NFT Gold Rush?

NFT collector @FFVV1211 recently commented that they missed the Solana NFT pump. He added that Cardano NFTs are currently gaining momentum and will not repeat that mistake.

Similarly, @HommiesDrey talked about NFT paradigm shifts moving along different blockchains over time. He believes Cardano will benefit from a shift from Solana.

data from No discernible pattern was seen in the Cardano NFT volume. The market peak of 3.7 million ADA was reached on his June 7th, leading to a sharp decline where he bottomed out at 366k ADA on September 13th.

Volume has trended upwards since then, but a noticeable spike occurred on October 17th, which could mark the beginning of the Cardano NFT paradigm shift mentioned by @HommiesDrey.

Cardano NFT Volume

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