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Check Out 18 Minutes of Gameplay From New Tales From the Borderlands

At PAX West, Gearbox Software unveiled a gameplay expansion for New Tales From the Borderlands for the first time. Gearbox tackles the narrative style pioneered by Telltale Games, but there are many surprises in this revival.

As revealed last month, Gearbox and the major alumni of Telltale Games, who worked on the first Tales from the Borderlands, are working on a spiritual successor to the series. Follow a new cast of characters in a new adventure set after 3.

The gameplay revealed at PAX West showcased many familiar elements. Players must make choices that affect how the overall story unfolds, and decisions can affect the game and affect the outcome.

In addition to dialog choices, there are quick-time events, and while some failures can lead to unique consequences, others can be fatal and final.

However, aside from QTEs and story choices, Gearbox has added some unique gameplay elements to New Tales. There are gameplay homages like the iconic stealth scene seen in the gameplay reveal and a new collectible-centric figure combat mini-game called Vaultlanders.

New Tales From the Borderlands gameplay screenshots

New Tales From the Borderlands lets you collect new Vaultlander figures, each with unique stats and abilities. Then, when the time comes, you can destroy these figures in toy-on-toy combat.

New Tales From the Borderlands will be released on October 21, 2022. The format is episodic, but all episodes will be available at release, and players can choose which episodes to play in any order (although we don’t recommend playing that way).

Find out more about PAX West on IGN.

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