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China Develops Domestic Chiplet Interface

As China accelerates its efforts to become self-sufficient in semiconductors, the newly formed China Chiplet League introduced its own chiplet interconnect interface standard this week, it said. Digi Times A report citing a Chinese website Cai Lian ShrineThe new interface is intended to enable custom multi-chiplet designs developed by a China-based company and manufactured in the People’s Republic of China.

China’s own chiplet interconnect interface standard, also known as ACC 1.0 (Advanced Cost-driven Chiplet Interface 1.0), is being developed by a group of companies specializing in chip design, IP, packaging, testing and assembly services. The China Chiplet League appears to be coordinated by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Core Technology, but its exact role is not particularly clear. The ultimate goal of the China Chiplet League is to ensure that ACC 1.0 becomes a cost-effective and viable solution for Chinese chip designers.

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