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Chinese CPU Maker Debuts 32-Core Chiplet-Based Processor

Building a large monolithic many-core CPU is extremely difficult even for a well-known chip designer. For Chinese CPU developers, many of whom do not have access to cutting-edge production nodes, the only way to build high-core-count processors is with chiplet designs. After all, this is exactly what Chinese CPU maker Loongson is doing with his 32-core 3D5000 processor. Sina report.

Earlier this year, Loongson began shipping its 3C5000 processor, which relies on its LoongArch microarchitecture, 16 LA464 cores with up to 64MB of cache, and four 64-bit DDR4-3200 memory interfaces with ECC support. . Loongson 3D5000 adopts two 3C5000 CPUs and puts them on a single board to build a 32-core processor with 8 memory channels. The 32-core processor supports up to 4-way simultaneous multiprocessor configurations, allowing you to build servers with up to 128 cores.

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