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Chinese Firm Launches 32-inch QD Mini-LED Monitor at Sub $375 Price

Will mini-LED technology become more accessible and affordable? If the new monitors launching in China are any indication, screens with this technology could certainly drop in price significantly. likely to be inonly titanium launched The 32-inch M32AQH-STA is available in China and offers great specs with QD mini LEDs at a local price equivalent to less than $375.

(Image credit: Titanium)

At the time of this writing, the Titanium M32AQH-STA has a pre-sale price of CNY2599, which equates to just under $375. I don’t know if the price of titanium already includes sales tax (up to 13% in China). However, I am confident that this monitor has excellent specs for the price.

Mini LED monitors are sought after as they offer the best of both worlds, IPS and OLED technology. They are based on IPS panel technology, where quantum dots add color vibrancy and mini LED backlighting allows for superior ‘true black’ performance. Simply put, a large number of local dimming zones (completely turning off the backlight in designated screen areas) help the screen achieve excellent contrast. This M32AQH-STA has 576 dimming zones.

(Image credit: Titanium)

Currently, only one mini LED monitor is included in the Best Computer Monitors of 2023 feature: the Asus ProArt PA32UCG. It’s also a 32-inch mini LED monitor, but with a 4K screen, it’s praised for its incredible color accuracy, Dolby Vision support, 1,600 nits maximum brightness, and 1,152 dimming zones. It costs about $3,500 in the US as well.

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