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Core i7-13700 Shows Higher Single-Threaded Performance Than Core i9-12900K

With Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake processors close at hand, more leaked benchmarks are emerging.On this occasion, a hardware leaker Tum_Apisak (opens in new tab) The chipmaker has revealed several non-K SKUs including the Core i7-13700, Core i5-13500 and Core i5-13400.

The Core i7-13700 uses 16 cores and 24 threads. The 65W Raptor Lake chip will have 8 P cores and 8 E cores with the former reportedly running at a base clock of 2.1 GHz. Same P-core base clock as the current Core i7-12700. The Core i7-13700’s boost clock speed is currently unknown, but current trends indicate that it may be lower than its Alder Lake counterpart. However, the Core i7-13700 has 4 more E-cores than the Core i7-12700.

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