Correspondents’ Dinner Promises Jokes and Celebrities. (Also, the President.)

WASHINGTON — The White House Correspondents’ Club Banquet is an annual celebration of the importance of the First Amendment. And, you know, Chrissy Teigen might show up.

On Saturday night, President Biden will attend his second dinner as president. He is expected to speak about the importance of press freedom and the troubling detentions of journalists around the world.

Next, the president, who is seldom around the press in informal settings, will, as he did at the end, provide acerbic digressions about his reporting and actually quite helpful comments about journalists and their idiosyncrasies. You may give a speech of about 10 to 20 minutes, including some jokes. Year.

Comedian and “The Daily Show” correspondent Roy Wood Jr. will host the event.he said Politico This week he brought “Clarence Thomas Jokes” and wasn’t sure if his set would work.

“I don’t think Washington has a sense of humor,” he said.

It should be fun!

Everyone in Washington has a way of dealing with this weekend, and that includes the president. Some leave town, some jump into party lineups like eager little salmon swimming upstream, and others take the opportunity to fold it into a regularly scheduled diatribe about the news media. .

No one has been more outspoken about the latter than Biden’s predecessor, Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump may have dimmed that star power and pre-party fund dinner, but he couldn’t quite extinguish his will to party in this town.

Mr. Biden, who is out of town most weekends, decided to register for dinners. This is only his 24th in Washington out of his 118 as president, according to an analysis of his schedule. He spent all or part of the 227 days of his presidency at one of his homes in Delaware, according to former CBS correspondent Mark Noller, who has tracked the president’s movements since the Ford era.

Coronavirus temporarily derailed events in 2020 and 2021, but last year Mr. Biden joined the city’s elite by cramming into the ballroom amid a surge in Covid-19 cases – Trevor Noah Kim Kardashian has launched her (short-lived) romance with Pete Davidson hard! ALSO: First Fix!

Biden, who is safely social distancing, couldn’t help but point out that the number of infected people is increasing. “Are you reading your own newspaper?” he asked the enthusiastic crowd.he is also kind remembered Audience members remarked that they were among Bakst and Boost’s peers. they are all here. Vaccinated and boosted. “

Expect more presidential riots this year. This spring, the coronavirus was pushed aside along with other thorny problems in the world, and party plans have been fully revived. asked officials to sit together at a table in its 2,600-seat ballroom. (New York Times journalists do not attend the dinner.)

Tickets sell for $375, NPR reporter and White House Correspondents Association president Tamara Keith said in an interview. The nonprofit will receive approximately $975,000 in tickets alone, with most of the proceeds going to scholarships. Keith said over the past decade, the organization has raised about $1.1 million for scholarships. She said she wrote most of this year’s speeches aboard her Air Force One during the president’s trip from Ireland.

At the dinner, journalists are presented with awards for explaining the president and his decisions to the world on time. This year’s winners are PBS NewsHour and Washington Week’s Gwen Ifill and CBS News’ Bill Plante. posthumous award to recognize their career accomplishments.

In his remarks, Biden will refer to the formal espionage indictment by the Russian government of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich after he was detained in March. The Biden administration strongly denies these allegations.

“It’s always a complicated night,” Keith said. “There is comedy and absolutely tragedy about journalists who are unjustly detained around the world. There has always been a somewhat uncomfortable relationship between them.

According to the summary of deadline, this year’s guests include several Cabinet members, including Secretary of State Antony J. Brinken and Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimond. Singer John Legend and model and lifestyle mogul Teigen are among the celebrities in attendance. Bravo also joins Lisa Vanderpump and Ariana Maddix, who are in her reality TV series, Vanderpump Rules.

Keith said the press will also receive a “really great message” from former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has called the press “the people’s side.”

That number is so high that news outlets such as Politico and Axios, which are hosting the event this year, have amassed how-to guides for optimizing attendance. Complimentary drinks are plentiful, and the hangover lasts until Sunday morning with more parties. After that, there are only 364 days until the next dinner.

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