Cosmoverse is bringing the best of the Cosmos ecosystem to Latin America

On September 26th, a large portion of the Cosmos community will gather in Medellín, Colombia for the largest and most important conference on the Cosmos ecosystem.

This is the second event sponsored by Cosmoverse, which aims to be the greatest driving force behind the growth of the vast cosmos. Last year, his Cosmoverse event in Lisbon, Portugal brought together hundreds of Cosmos developers, investors, founders and journalists to raise awareness of the Cosmos ecosystem.

The two-day event in Medellín is set to attract even larger audiences with dozens of speakers and an action-packed schedule.

CryptoSlate spoke with co-founders Juri Maibaum and Fabian Klauder. Cosmoversefor more information on upcoming events.

Cosmoverse is powering the growth of the Cosmos ecosystem

The Cosmos ecosystem will experience unprecedented growth in 2022. In addition to the Total Value Locked (TVL) reaching his $1.4 billion, Cosmos has had a huge success with the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC), and multiple established projects like dYdX have become Cosmos-based. Operations on the blockchain.

Maibaum believes IBC is the biggest factor involved in the growth of the Cosmos ecosystem. He noted that some of the most significant exploits seen on the market in the last two years have occurred on cross-chain bridges, raising his awareness of the need for secure bridging his protocol. . With IBC essentially removing the need for cross-chain bridges, more and more projects are considering enabling IBC as a way to secure their protocol. Maibaum pointed out that any blockchain with light client he support can easily enable IBC. This is a feature that will surely increase the adoption of new technologies.

“The possibility of setting up customized blockchains using the Cosmos SDK has opened a lot of doors for projects. This allows us to a) improve the UX and b) extract more commission from the value our project generates, which is particularly interesting in the context of MEV. We saw that a major Ethereum dApp in decided to start its own blockchain,” he explained.

However, Klauder believes that many developers are still unfamiliar with the tools Cosmos provides. One of the main goals of the Cosmoverse event is to spread awareness of the Cosmos ecosystem and engage more of its community members and developers.

“At the first Cosmoverse conference in Lisbon in 2021, I realized that even very knowledgeable people in the Ethereum ecosystem know about Cosmos but do not recognize its benefits! , we aim to change that.”

One way Cosmoverse plans to achieve that is by targeting Latin America, one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency and blockchain markets.

Maibaum said the event doesn’t plan to target the Latin American market specifically, but sees the biggest potential for growth in Colombia.

“The South American cryptocurrency market is one of the most exciting in the world. Medellín is now becoming the tech hub of Latin America. There’s a lot of potential for adoption, and after a closer look at the Colombian developer market, I can’t help but be excited about what’s happening in the region.”

The fact that the world’s largest conference for Ethereum developers, Devcon, is also held in Colombia certainly helped. His annual Devcon Week takes place in Bogota from October 7th to October 16th, attracting thousands of builders and developers. Maibaum said the proximity of the two events will help Ethereum attract attendees from his ecosystem.

To further extend the reach of the conference, Cosmoverse is offering free tickets to Colombian students and developers.

“If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, Colombia is the place to go in September and October 2022,” Maibaum said.

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