Cozies look to tackle web3’s crypto-bro, degen culture through Hygge ‘cozy’ culture NFTs

crypto slate We spoke with Andrew Fai and the team at Cozies about the launch of their new NFT project. It’s the NFT collection that I won.

The Cozies team is an NFT veteran and Founder of Asia Blockchain Summit said Andrew Fai crypto slate The team is on a “mission to create the Cozy Identity Movement”. As a culture evolves, so do the subcultures within it. It is clear that the broader NFT community is increasing the variety of ways of self-expression. Many NFT projects follow a similar line of thought to the classic cryptomeme. However, as the space matures, so does its diversity and the need to accommodate the myriad of new users within the space.

New users bring new likes, dislikes, and niche cultures. Cozies’ goal is to appeal to those who are interested or intrigued by NFTs but fit into a different dorata than the Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Meebits and other communities. The “crypto bro” or “degen” community is not for everyone. So as the space expands, more and more diverse jobs are on the rise.

What is your inspiration for Cozies?

Cozies were originally conceived as a counterculture to the current “degen” mentality prevalent within Web3. As much as the NFT space has given us, teeth We often get so tired that we forget to take care of ourselves and make ourselves comfortable in our own skin and on our individual journeys.

In developing IP, we realized that our philosophy of coziness (and the Danish coziness culture of “Hygge”) overlaps with a lot of scientific practice and data on well-being. Our goal was to use cool art and community gamification to create this decentralized society that perpetuates the well-being of its citizens.

How do Cozies help brand the web3 culture?

Our first goal is to establish a strong and welcoming identity. It means understanding who you are, what you own and where you are going. Cozies’ art is deeply rooted in these values, and is brought to life through strong storytelling and a unique and dynamic community infrastructure inspired by RPG games and the use of Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs). Aim to blow.

This makes Cozies a cozy and serene corner of Web3, a gentle reminder to care more about your own well-being and cherish your physical and digital experiences.

What is the Cozies founder’s previous experience?

The core team behind Cozies is a global, diverse and passionate group that places improving human well-being and experience as the core mission of our work. Our team has experience developing immersive digital experiences and operating them with world-renowned companies, so they are ready to execute. Cozies website

Our founder, Andrew, is widely recognized as a thought leader within the NFT space and since 2017 is a respected power networker connecting opportunities and talent for Crypto 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Asia. ABS has hosted highlights like the controversial Taipei Tangle Debate in the past. Doom’ professor Nouriel Roubini and his BitMEX Arthur Hayes, astronaut Chris Hadfield’s first bitcoin transaction via satellite with Blockstream, and the Binance Super Meetup.

Why is fashion important to the Cozies ecosystem?

Fashion reflects change, movement, individuality and an appreciation for beauty. It is autonomy and self-expression in everyday life. We are heavily influenced by the rise of streetwear in Korean urban culture and comfortable loungewear that looks great.

Cozies is also set in the relatively near future, 2040 to be exact. It’s a sci-fi inspired reflection of reality, and we tried to showcase a cozy and optimistic version of it through fashion.

What surprised you the most about seeing the growth of the Cozies ecosystem?

It’s been incredible to see the growth of the Cozies brand. We truly believed in this project and it was incredible to see how the community resonated with the concept. I think it’s because comfort is a familiar phenomenon that we don’t talk about. Still very much needed.

We have also faced difficulties and made poor decisions. But it’s important to stay humble, learn from unexpected challenges, and listen to your community. After all, Cozies are much bigger than any of us.

Why is the concept of hygge important to Cozies?

Statistically, Danes are the happiest people every year. We think Hygge is a big reason for that.

Hygge literally means ‘cozy’ and is a culture focused on conscious efforts to make life more comfortable and enjoyable. It encourages people to come together as equals and cherish beautiful, warm moments and meaningful experiences. “Sanctuary in everyday life”.

The CEO of a Copenhagen think tank called The Happiness Institute describes hygge as “like a warm hug, but without physical contact.”

How can Cozies help make the world a better place?

The world is already a wonderful place. Cozies aims to help owners and everyone to value what they already have and understand that their journey is different but important. With the help of a community that truly cares, unique art, data-backed practices, and chic fashion, we want to be a reminder to enjoy life and appreciate it all.

Please tell us about your future plans.

Our first goal is to step-by-step create and start deploying our understanding of the “decentralized society”. We are heavily inspired by Glen Weyl’s whitepaper on the concept.

But I also think Discord is very underused, at least in the NFT space. Its robust infrastructure enables it to accommodate such visions.

Using Soulbound Tokens (SBT) and our “Passbook”, community members can track their experiences, commitments and affiliations, thus creating safe, fun and immersive governance systems and social landscapes.

On top of that, we will work with holders to expand IP and transition to fashion.

What’s the best way for people to learn more about you and Cozies?

Connect with Andrew Fai

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