Craig Wright creates ambiguity over Satoshi posts on BitcoinTalk forum

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Craig Wright, who claims to be Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, seems to have conflicting views regarding the relevance of Satoshi’s posts on the infamous Bitcoin Talk forum.

In a March 2020 blog post, Wright said that not all posts from the Satoshi account on BitcoinTalk are actually Satoshi’s.

“All postings on Bitcointalk ( from my account (Satoshi) are actually mine and have not been edited or altered and the website login belongs to me. Satoshi (I) has never used Bitcointalk, in fact my last post linked to a non-existent domain.”

However, in a recent lawsuit against cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, Wright cited a post on the BitcoinTalk forums as proof that he was the real Satoshi.

Content creator Hodlonaut highlighted the discrepancy on Twitter, citing Wright’s ambiguous claims about the relevance of the Satoshi BitcoinTalk post.

It’s important to note that Wright recently lost a lawsuit against Hodlonaut on November 20, 2022. Wright claimed that Hodlonaut’s postings on his social media accounted for defamation, and Hodlonaut claimed that Wright was not actually Satoshi.

In another lawsuit filed by Wright against Peter McCormack, Wright received a total of $1 after winning the lawsuit,knowingly filing a false lawsuit and knowingly filing a lawsuit False evidence until days before trial. “

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