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Crucial P3 SSD Review: Solid Secondary SSD

The Crucial P3 is PCIe 3.0’s sibling. P3 PlusIt uses the same Phison E21T controller and is similarly paired with Micron’s 176-layer QLC flash. With prices starting at $74 for 1 TB and $147 for 2 TB, best SSD From a value standpoint, we are focused on offering higher capacity options. Being limited to PCIe 3.0 is not a big deal. This primarily limits the maximum bandwidth, implying sequential file transfers for drives of this caliber. In practice, single-threaded transfers don’t greatly exceed the speed of the interface, so this doesn’t matter much. Like the P3 Plus, the P3 is incredibly powerful and efficient. This is especially attractive because Crucial backs it with the same warranty.

P3 faces a different competition. Most PCIe 3.0 drives still use older controllers and flash, which can reduce efficiency while limiting maximum capacity.of SK Hynix Gold P31 The exception is the entry after using more efficient hardware (4-channel controller and newer flash). That drive also checks the boxes for DRAM and TLC. intel 670phas QLC and DRAM and is a direct competitor. However, Solidigm’s formation makes a little less sense as the drive will be phased out on his P41 Plus. Like DRAM-less drives Crucial P2 It feels utterly outdated.

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