Cryptocurrency markets trade flat as Eurozone inflation hits record 9.1%

Eurozone consumer inflation rose to a record high of 9.1%, putting more pressure on the European Central Bank (ECB) to raise interest rates.

The cryptocurrency market continued to trade flat when the news broke. Market leader Bitcoin gained 0.1% over the past hour, while Ethereum gained 0.25% over the same period.

in the meantime, european index Reacting by selling, the DAX fell over 100 points and the FTSE fell 77 points.

ECB to meet next day September 8, analysts expect the authorities to implement massive rate hikes to control out-of-control food and energy prices. Given the magnitude of price pressure, we expect 75 basis points of upside.

The Cryptocurrency market flattened out as post-Eurozone inflation reached a record 9.1%, making its first appearance on CryptoSlate.

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