CryptoSlate, Crypto Briefing onboard Access Protocol Ecosystem to leverage Web3 Paywall

Together, CryptoSlate and Crypto Briefing have over 1.5 million monthly users. Latest Attendees To participate in the Access Protocol Web3 paywall.

Both publications can utilize Access Protocol’s content paywall system. As a result, newcomers join Wu Blockchain and The Block as the first ecosystem participants.

What the Access Protocol Can Offer Producers and Consumers

The access protocol is consumer When creator Instead of being locked into annual or monthly commitments, users can support and consume content from their preferred creators by staking a minimum number of Access Protocol ACS tokens determined by the creators themselves.

Additionally, consumers maintain access to each creator as long as their ACS tokens are staked. There are no fees or chargebacks to creators.

There are also some benefits you can enjoy as a consumer, as mentioned in the Access Protocol.

  • You can subscribe (stake) or unsubscribe (unstake) at any time.
  • Access web3 wallet lets you connect with creators without managing multiple credentials. Additionally, there is no need to create a new wallet for each publisher, reducing signup hassles.
  • Once you subscribe (stake the ACS minimum threshold), you will not incur any additional charges to access creator content. Additionally, there are no recurring credit card transactions and staked ACS remains the same.
  • One-click “unsubscribe” as opposed to complicated and time-consuming cancellation procedures.

How CryptoSlate and Crypto Briefing Leverage Access Protocol

Access provides a front-end widget that allows users to stake $ACS directly into CryptoSlate’s pool. websiteAdditionally, under the access pool, CryptoSlate offers a premium research product, CryptoSlate Alpha.

“CryptoSlate is excited to partner with Access Protocol to bring a web3-enabled membership portal to a global audience. We are poised to disrupt the monetization of our content by doing so,” said Nate Whitehill, CEO of CryptoSlate.

Meanwhile, Crypto Briefing will incorporate the Access Protocol into its new research membership, offering “the most accessible, lowest-cost subscription ever.”

The new service will be available in Q1 2023.

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