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2022 will mark the 35th anniversary of the FINAL FANTASY franchise. Since its original release in 1987, FINAL FANTASY has captured the hearts of millions of people around the world, and its music has played a large part in its appeal. To mark this milestone, CRYSTALLINE RESONANCE, a new FINAL FANTASY piano concert produced by SQUARE ENIX, will be held in his 45+ cities around the world to celebrate the music of this critically acclaimed series.

CRYSTALLINE RESONANCE: FINAL FANTASY Piano Concert This is a new program that presents songs such as FINAL FANTASY XIV’s “Heavensward”, FINAL FANTASY XV’s “Somnus”, and FINAL FANTASY X’s “Zanarkand” live.

Masterpieces from FINAL FANTASY I to IX, such as “One-Winged Angel” from FINAL FANTASY VII and “Liberi Fatali” from FINAL FANTASY VIII, will also appear. And if live versions of these haunting tracks just aren’t enough, they come with HD video projections set to the music.

Tickets are already on sale and the tour begins November 17th at the Boom Chicago Theater in Amsterdam, before touring the United States and Canada in March 2023, with a final show at Sun’s Teatro Bradesco on March 31st. It tours over 45 venues until it’s done. Paulo.

Along the way, CRYSTALLINE RESONANCE: FINAL FANTASY Piano Concerts have been performed at Cadogan Hall in London, Glass Hall Magna Auditorium in Vienna, Musicaliska in Stockholm, Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore, Lincoln Center in New York and Madison Center for the Arts in Phoenix. Click to see the full list of cities. here.

The FINAL FANTASY franchise has sold over 168 million copies worldwide across 87 games and was awarded “Most Role-Playing Game Series” by Guinness World Records in 2017. Show no intention of slowing down.

In 2022, fans are looking forward to Crisis Core: FINAL FANTASY VIII Reunion, A remaster of the FINAL FANTASY VII prequel starring Zack Fair, who will play a major role in the future of FINAL FANTASY VII Remake. Speaking of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Tells the next chapter of the remake and arrives in the same year Final Fantasy XVI. oh we can’t forget the monstrous being Final Fantasy XIV, Continue to be a love letter to FINAL FANTASY

If you’d like to attend the CRYSTALLINE RESONANCE : FINAL FANTASY Piano Concert, here are all dates and locations for our worldwide tour. Click each link to purchase your ticket and get the chance to see the beautiful music of FINAL FANTASY come to life.

North and South America:



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