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Dark and Darker Devs Distributing Game on Discord as Playtest Goes Ahead Amid Legal Issues

Just before upcoming dungeon crawler Dark and Darker was due to begin playtesting, the team received a suspension letter and a DMCA takedown notice in March. Now his Ironmace of the development team is moving forward with another originally planned playtest, albeit in an interesting way.

Today, Ironmace began inviting people to playtest Dark and Darker via a torrent available in messages on the game’s Discord server. Playtests he will be available until April 19th.

“Rest assured that we are working around the clock to protect the continuation of Dark and Darker,” the team’s Discord message was reposted. reddit, read. “Unfortunately, due to the complexity of our situation, it has taken some time to resolve the Steam situation, especially on international flights.To keep our promise to our fans, we have to go old school this time. did not.”

Dark and Darker announced on Discord that they will continue public testing.

Dark and Darker’s Ongoing Legal Matters

Dark and Darker’s legal scandal began in March after South Korean authorities searched Iron Mace’s offices for stolen code and assets from Nexon, where about half of the 20-person team previously worked. . Iron Mace later said the search “found nothing”, but the game is still off Steam, leaving Iron Mace in a legal battle with Nexon.

Most recently, an Ironmace developer posted a GoFundMe to help the team with legal fees, reportedly raising $46,000 in less than an hour before it was taken down.

Dark and Darker’s future may be bleak, but fans are finally finding ways to make sure the game is available somehow. One fan is rebuilding the game in his Fortnite.

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