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Dark and Darker Removed From Steam Following DMCA Takedown

The dungeon-crawling PvPvE game Dark and Darker has been taken off Steam after developer Ironmace received a cease and desist order and subsequent DMCA removal.

As reported by euro gamer, Dark and Darker developer Ironmace may be in hot water as players recently noticed that some features of the game suddenly stopped working, such as PvP and online co-op. Then part of the Steam page has been scrubbed overnight with all the trailers, screenshots, and store descriptions.

An official statement was posted on the Dark and Darker Discord ( reddit“To all our fans, we recently received a cease and desist letter and a DMCA takedown notice from Nexon regarding Dark & ​​Darker based on distorted claims.”

“We are currently working with our legal team to resolve this matter in the best possible way. , we must take heed of our statement,” the Discord post read. Please understand that we will do our best. Thank you!”

early this month, Iron Mace office raided by South Korean authorities Nearly half of Ironmace’s 20-person team is made up of former Nexon employees, which is based on speculation that they may be in possession of the stolen code and assets. nevertheless, Official Iron Mace Statement The search was a “quick process” and “found nothing” on the subject.

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