Dash experiences outage lasting over 18 hours

The Dash blockchain suffered a multi-hour outage and the network is now waiting for node operators to upgrade their software.

Dash Core Group CTO Samuel Westrich said: May 21st Indicates a network issue while activating v19 of Dash Core. he wrote:

“The chain has stopped and is not currently producing blocks. We are having everyone look into this matter.”

dash boost leader pasta Official update released It will be applied to Dash’s client software on May 22nd to resolve the issue. The documentation states that this update is mandatory and will “effectively hard fork the network” as well as delay v19 activation.

Pasta said the chain will be reactivated once enough masternodes and miners update their software. It doesn’t seem like this has happened yet block explorer Indicates that Dash has not seen a block for 18 hours (since May 21, 2023 4:02 AM UTC).

The cryptocurrency Dash (DASH) is down 0.1% in 24 hours, minimizing the impact of the incident. Bitcoin rose 0.5% while the cryptocurrency market rose 0.8%.

It first appeared on CryptoSlate after a Dash outage that lasted over 18 hours.

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