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D&D Reviving ‘Planescape’ Setting in 2023, Expanding on 5e Adventures

Dungeons & Dragons has announced a planned release schedule for 2023. The line-up includes classic D&D items and lore details, his expansion of one of the fifth edition’s earliest and most famous adventures, and the return of the classic Planescape campaign setting.

The official roadmap for D&D in 2023.

The schedule includes five releases, with one book dropping each season (except for the summer when the pair are planned).

  • key from golden vault (Winter 2023)
  • Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants (Spring 2023)
  • many things book (Summer 2023)
  • fandelbar campaign (Summer 2023)
  • planescape (Fall 2023)

Details on what each sourcebook contained were minimal, but several members of the D&D creative team provided a little insight into each. “The key to the Golden Vault is Ocean’s 11 Meets Dungeons & Dragons,” says Design Architect Chris Perkins. “This is an anthology of short adventures revolving around heists.” Glory of the Giants has been described as a companion to 2021’s Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, and (as the name suggests) the entire D&D Multiverse. It only focuses on the different types of giants found in

“A lot of people were wondering when we would be back, and here we are.”

Summer releases include The Book of Many Things, a sourcebook based on D&D lore’s infamous Deck of Many Things, and the original D&D 5e adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver, which launched its fifth edition in 2015. It’s an update. ”[LMoP] It’s a fan favorite,” said Chris Lindsay, D&D Product Manager.

WizKids’ Gargantuan Tiamat is D&D’s biggest mini yet.

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