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Dead by Daylight 7th Anniversary Stream: Everything Announced

Dead by Daylight’s 7th anniversary stream has arrived, offering tons of new details about the horror title’s future, including two new spin-off games, the introduction of Nicolas Cage himself as a survivor, and an all-new sci-fi chapter. Called end of transmission, for example.

there was many This roundup has all the Dead by Daylight news you need to know. Let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments below.

Dead by Daylight Spinoff Announced, Includes Story-Based Game From Until Dawn’s Supermassive

Details have yet to be revealed, but Dead by Daylight plans to expand its world with two new spin-off games, including one from Until Dawn developer Supermassive, which will feature a “Background An intense narrative experience filled with powerful life-or-death choices set in . of Dead by Daylight. ”

No release date or title has been set for the game yet, but Behavior Interactive confirmed that more details will be announced later this year.

The second game is MidWinter Entertainment’s multiplayer PvE game, apparently “teams of up to four players venture into strange new corners of the Realm of the Entity, tackling themes of greed and lust for power.” Again, no release date or title has been revealed.

Nicolas Cage to play himself in ‘Dead by Daylight’

In one of the most surprising announcements we didn’t even know we wanted, Behavior Interactive recently confirmed that Nicolas Cage himself will be joining Dead by Daylight. Today’s showcase gave fans a few more details ahead of the full reveal on July 5th.

Along with sharing that Nicolas Cage is actually a playable Survivor, we also learned that Cage was heavily involved in bringing the character to life and voiced the role. It wasn’t just words, it recorded every gasp, moan and scream as Cage stated that no sound like him exists.

Dead by Daylight Year 8 Roadmap Revealed

Behavior Interactive has shared details about Year 8 of Dead by Daylight, featuring four new regular chapters and two additional Survivor-exclusive chapters. Year 8 will also feature Nicolas Cage at some point, in addition to his two yet-to-be-revealed licensed killers.

In addition to in-game events, new tomes, and more, it adds tons of improvements, including perk meta reworks, map balance, anti-camp, loadout search bar, survivor disconnect bots, player cards, player report feedback, and more. .

Dead by Daylight’s first sci-fi chapter, End Transmission, coming in June

Coming in June 2023, End Transmission will be the latest addition to Dead by Daylight and the game’s first sci-fi experience. This chapter introduces a new killer called the Singularity, a “huge amalgamation of organic matter and mechanical parts rebuilt to become a complete life form”.

Confronting the Singularity in the new map Toba Landing is engineer Gabriel Soma. He arrived on this remote and terrifying planet with his crew dead thanks to the evil forces that are now chasing him.

Dead by Daylight creative director Dave Richard explains: “This new chapter expands the range of entities and explores the darker themes of advanced technology. We think this will be a very scary experience for all players.”

End Transmission will be released on June 13, 2023.

Upcoming cosmetics for Dead by Daylight include designs by Iron Maiden, Slipknot and Ikumi Nakamura

Dead by Daylight is set in a terrifying world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good if you’re doing your best to survive. In support of that mission, Behavior Interactive has announced some of the cosmetics players can look forward to in the future. Two of his most exciting collections are based on heavy metal legends Iron Maiden and Slipknot.

The Iron Maiden collection is inspired by the band’s mascot Eddie, while the Slipknot collection features “nine killer masks that pay tribute to the members of Slipknot.”

Next up are the artists from The Fog Collection, focused on the Dead by Daylight community. Her four creators from Canada, the United States, Poland, and Spain designed the costumes for two killers and two survivors, and the fifth creator is fan-favorite former Bethesda director Ikumi Nakamura. Nakamura designed the cosmetics for The Oni, The Legion, and Kimura Yui.

Ikumi Nakamura Concept Art - The Legion

Ikumi Nakamura Concept Art – The Legion

If that wasn’t enough, fans of Behavior Interactive’s predecessor will be delighted to know that Naughty Bear himself will be in the game as The Trapper’s costume, complete with “unique harpoon.”

Behavior Interactive Reveals Dead by Daylight Movie and Comic Updates

It was already known that a Dead by Daylight movie was in the works from Atomic Monster and Blumhouse, and Behavior Interactive shared that the team is currently looking for a director and writer for the film.

Next, it was confirmed that the Dead by Daylight comic book, produced in partnership with Titan Comic, will hit stores in early June.

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