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Dead Island 2 Gameplay Showcase Features Zombie Kills, Weapons Galore, and Alexa Integration

A gameplay showcase for Dead Island 2 has arrived, making the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse game, set to release on April 28, 2023, brutal, brutal, and fun for fans.

The showcase featured gameplay and details delivered through a live-action “pulp adventure” starring three characters living in a zombie apocalypse. They happen to stumble upon the Los Angeles mansion where Dead Island 2 is located.

The show’s bloody star gave us his best look at Dead Island 2 in action yet in the “Welcome to HELL-A” gameplay trailer. On display was the game’s brutal combat system with zombie limbs flying in all directions, a wide range of weapons and ways to customize them to devastating and stunning effects, and a cast of zombies of all shapes and sizes. .

The zombies themselves are the star of the show, and the trailer showcased the different enemy types players will face in Dead Island 2. There were all kinds of enemies, from giant zombies to smart zombies to noisy zombies to zombies that literally looked like walking skeletons. The last one really emphasized that zombies in this world have different levels of decay.

Dead Island 2’s combat system features katanas, machetes, swords, hammers, guns, and more, while fighting the undead is a full-place extraction system for humanoids (FLESH) capable of killing countless zombies. )” to crank up to 11. , in a horrible way.

As if weapons weren’t enough, Dead Island 2 lets you use the fact that you’ve been bitten to unleash a powerful attack. Using this infection to your advantage puts you in overdrive mode for a bit and makes you wish the zombies were dead.

Dead Island 2 HELL-A Limited Edition, Amy Statue, Alexa Voice Control

In addition to gameplay, the Dead Island 2 showcase also introduced fans to an exclusive HELL-A edition of the game. This package includes the Season Pass, Exclusive Steelbook, Venice Beach Map, Dead Island 2 Pins and Patches, Unique Slayer Cards, Sam B’s Pistol, Abuela’s Ash Mace, Eye-His Opener, Homewrecker and other bonus weapons. It contains.

Players who pre-order any edition of Dead Island 2 will receive a Banoi Memories Pack containing the Banoi War Club and Banoi War Bat, two weapons honoring the original game, and skill cards.

For players who want a little more fun, there’s also a hand-painted resin collector’s figure of Amy. Amy is one of the main characters “relaxing in the iconic Burger 66 diner after a zombie-hunting session” for this statue. This figure is available exclusively at

Finally, the showcase previewed some of Dead Island 2’s Alexa integration. It allows players to perform actions such as attracting zombies’ attention, automatically equipping their favorite weapon, and activating zombie powers.

Dead Island 2 is set to release on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games Store on April 28, 2023.

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