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Dell’s Meteor Lake-Based Inspiron Laptop Allegedly Spotted

A Dell Inspiron 15 laptop allegedly based on Intel’s upcoming 14th Generation Core ‘Meteor Lake’ processors has been spotted. @komachiensaka in the User benchmark database. The chip apparently has 12 cores.

With Intel’s next-generation Meteor Lake laptop processors coming out in the coming months, it’s no surprise that the major PC makers are eager to test machines based on the new CPUs. The U3E1 processor has his 12 cores, can handle 16 threads (meaning 4P+8E configuration) and is said to have a base clock of 1.20 GHz and a turbo clock of 0.55 GHz. This is clearly an error or idiosyncrasy in this pre-production CPU sample.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware/UserBenchmark)

Given the odd clock, there’s no point in trying to draw any concrete conclusions about this product’s performance (even if the UserBenchmark app could actually provide detailed test results).

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