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Dell’s XPS 13 Plus Has an Adhesive Problem: Screen May Fall Off

Dell’s recently announced XPS 13 Plus is nearly ideal, with an ultra-thin and lightweight design, high performance and quick responsiveness guaranteed by Intel’s Evo, an upgradeable SSD, and an advanced OLED display. looks like a nice laptop. However, some of Dell’s XPS 13 Plus machines have serious issues. Adhesive issues can even cause screens to die or literally fall off. Dell is aware of this situation and has contacted the owner to rectify.

Dell’s XPS 13 screen issue is specific to OLED models and only affects a limited number of units. In contrast, LCD models are unaffected. The Barge (opens in new tab) Quote your notebook supplier. The Verge experienced issues with the XPS 13 Plus. This is because the unit’s screen stopped during the review process. reddit (opens in new tab) user. However, it’s worth noting that the unit tested by Tom’s Hardware had no issues.

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