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Destiny 2 Legal Battle Escalates as Cheats Company Retaliates Against Bungie

The legal battle over cheating caused by Bungie escalated as cheat company AimJunkies accused Destiny 2 developers of acting “absurdly ridiculous”.

as reported in torrent freak.

Bungie sued AimJunkies last year for violating copyright law by creating cheats, but U.S. District Judge Thomas Zilly said there wasn’t enough evidence to prove copyright infringement. As a result, the lawsuit was dismissed in May. However, Bungie redid the charges and another complaint was filed a few weeks later.

“Bungie and its attorneys seem to believe that the more silly or ridiculous things you throw at them in the real world, the more likely you are to get caught in court.”

“Don’t believe everything you read in their filings.” press release Read from AimJunkies’ parent company, Phoenix Digital Group LLC. “In fact, he shouldn’t believe 90% of what they claim in their filings.

“Bungie and its attorneys seem to believe that the more you throw something against a wall, the more likely it is that something will stay in court, no matter how silly or ridiculous it may be in the real world.

“Please understand that cheating is not illegal and game companies want to make cheating illegal because they have no control over their players. We are asking the court that Bungie is powerless to do it on their own.They would rather die of thousands of cuts than admit this is not the way to solve the problem.”

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The company claims to have offered to fix Bungie’s issue, saying it believes the feature should be officially implemented in the game. “But their pride and bully mentality keep them from thinking outside the box,” he added.

In a retaliatory legal action, AimJunkies has filed subpoenas against Google, Paypal, and Valve to collect evidence against Bungie. Because, unlike his recent Bungie lawsuit against cheat company Elite Boss Tech, which agreed to pay Bungie his $13.5 million in damages, this legal battle shows no intention of resigning from either side. , which may continue for the next few months (perhaps years).

The developers are taking a no-nonsense approach to cheating and misleading indications in the Destiny 2 community. Evidenced in these two lawsuits, as well as another lawsuit in which Bungie issued a virtual manhunt against the person who issued his YouTuber in his bogus DMCA takedown, and eventually sued that individual. $7.6 million.

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