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Destiny 2: Lightfall Arrives in February With New Subclass, Map, and More

Bungie has revealed a ton of new information about Destiny 2’s upcoming Lightfall expansion, including a February 28th release date.

Announced during the period Destiny 2 Showcase 2022Lightfall marks “the beginning of the end” and is slated to be the next major expansion to move Destiny 2’s story and gameplay forward, featuring the game’s second subclass of Darkness called Stands.

This new style of play seems to have a lot to do with traversal, as you use it to grapple and swing around in Neptune’s all-new Destiny 2 map. Strands involve manipulating eerie green psychic energy and materialize in different ways depending on the class the player uses.

Neptune’s map is called Neo-Luna, a newly discovered city built by an alternate evolution of mankind. However, unlike the derelict and destroyed communities left by known versions of humans, this new city is a thriving metropolis. Serving as the battlefield for Lightfall, players are once again tasked with saving the day when Calus arrives and allies himself with the new Big Bad, The Witness.

Guardian Rank is another new addition to Lightfall’s Destiny 2 that aims to introduce new players to all aspects of the game. To slowly but surely explain how each part of Destiny 2 works, the 11 available ranks allow players to experience each type of activity, map, raid, and more. In terms of accessibility, Bungie will also add his Fireteam Finder (essentially cooperative matchmaking) in 2023.

Given that Lightfall is also the next part of the ongoing story in the Light and Darkness Saga, Bungie has confirmed that past expansions will not be removed to allow new players to experience the full story. To celebrate, Bungie is giving away all of the game’s expansions for free for a week starting today, August 23rd.

In an 8/10 review of the base game released in 2017, IGN said:

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