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Diablo 4’s Launch Won’t Be Plagued by Beta’s Connectivity Issues, Says Blizzard

Blizzard says the technical issues that plagued Diablo 4’s “difficult” open beta helped pave the way for its full release on June 6th.

Last weekend, Blizzard hosted Diablo 4’s first near-open beta. This was accessible to gamers who pre-ordered a copy of the game or ordered chicken from KFC and obtained a promo code. Unfortunately, the three-day event was marred by a number of technical issues, forcing players to endure long waits and frustrating error his messages.

“Recently, the word beta has undergone some misunderstanding and people have started calling it beta. [actually] Marketing Beta, another term for demo. ” Diablo 4 general manager Rod Ferguson said in an interview with NME:“That’s not our case. Our beta is really testing our technology, especially on the server side. Friday got off to a bit of a shaky start.”

Fergusson added that the development team released six fixes and “solved dozens of issues over the weekend.” We hope these fixes will smooth the way for his second Open Beta this weekend., Ultimately, it paves the way for Diablo 4’s launch on June 6th. “

He continues: “It can be a little frustrating as a player, but you have to recognize that they are helping make the actual launch of the game even better.”

Check out IGN’s Diablo 4 Wiki Guide to make the most of this weekend’s Open Beta, March 24-26.

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