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DietPi v8.17 Announced With New Software and SBC Enhancements

DietPi, a lightweight multi-purpose OS for Raspberry Pi, SBC and x86 machines, has announced version 8.17. And this new release sees new software and enhancements to the Debian-based OS.

Major Updates in DietPi 8.17

  • New software: openHAB home automation software.
  • New software: Moonlight (CLI and GUI): Game Streaming.
  • New software: Restic Command line based backup tool.
  • Enhanced: Improvements for Raspberry Pi.
  • Enhanced: Update for NanoPi series boards.
  • Enhanced: ROCK4 board update.
  • Bug fixes: Bug fix for Raspberry Pi analog audio.
  • Bug fixes: DietPi reports wrong temperature (8.16 regression).
  • bug fix: Google AIY ArmV7 Python module dependency conflict resolved.
  • Bug fixes: UnRAR installation on RISC-V based systems has been fixed.
  • Full release notes.

DietPi is an alternative Debian-based OS for various SBC and x86 machines. Instead of using a desktop-based OS by default, DietPi uses a series of menus and a user interface to facilitate installation and configuration of specific tools. This level of flexibility means DietPi is not limited to being a desktop OS. You can use it to build a web server, a DNS server (Pi-Hole is one of them), a NAS, or an appliance for streaming games via Steam Link, Moonlight, and more.

I personally set up a Node-RED server at home using DietPi. Of course, if you want to install a desktop environment, you can. You can install LXDE, LXQt, MATE, Xfce, or GNUstep on your desktop with the same software installation process.

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