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DirectStorage Performance Compared: AMD vs Intel vs Nvidia

Microsoft’s DirectStorage 1.1 application programming interface is available for Windows-based computers, the latest graphics cards, and advanced NVMe solid-state drives. Now it’s time to find the hardware that best handles one of DirectStorage 1.1’s most exciting features: GPU decompression. good luck, Compusumble I have developed a suitable benchmark, PC gaming hardware Using it, I made some interesting discoveries.

Microsoft’s DirectStorage 1.1 has some important features that improve performance, but the main purpose of this API is to reduce the CPU load when handling NVMe requests. It also saves valuable CPU cycles for other workloads and handles game asset decompression via a highly parallel GPU with little OS intervention and low CPU utilization. Additionally, DirectStorage asset compression and decompression algorithms allow you to transfer more data than your storage media (i.e. SSD) can handle, resulting in significantly faster load times.

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