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Disney Dreamlight Valley to Add Lion King’s Simba, Encanto’s Mirabel in Coming Updates

The next stage of Disney Dreamlight Valley is just around the corner.

posting on their blog Today, Gameloft Montreal gave us the first glimpse of its 2023 roadmap for Disney-themed life-sim adventure games.

The roadmap includes new characters such as Mirabelle from Encanto, Simba from The Lion King and Olaf from Frozen, as well as new “territories” to explore, which are in-game worlds that can be visited as part of the story. contains a promise of

Gameloft Montreal also confirmed one of the most requested features in the game: multiplayer support. It’s a major part of its Animal Crossing-like genre peers, but the roadmap didn’t give any specific timing as to when it might be added.

Dreamlight Valley has yet to receive a 1.0 release, but it previously added Lion King’s Scar, Stitch, Woody, and Buzzlightyear after their Early Access debut last year. They also quickly improved the quality of life in the buggy cartoon world.

While anyone can pay to play the game now, Dreamlight Valley will be completely free-to-play later this year, though no specific timeframes have been announced, including this 2023 roadmap. Not.

Even in Early Access, IGN reviewed Disney Dreamlight Valley last year and loved it.

Travis Northup is a freelance writer for IGN.

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