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Disney Speedstorm Early Access Review

You may have heard from the crew behind Gameloft’s long-running Asphalt series that Disney Speedstorm was set to launch as a free-to-play kart racer. In fact, this is what we told you when we announced it last June, so you may have heard of it. Well, it has changed. It’s still the Asphalt team’s kart racer, but it won’t be officially released in an actual free-to-play state until late 2023 or early 2024. … it costs money to play. Of course, this is how all great video games worked before the gaming industry started copying the gambling industry’s homework. However, despite packing a perfectly decent brand of arcade racing action into the track, Speedstorm’s drowning levels of clatter and free-to-play DNA mean few people are paying to play. It can feel goofy.

Want to know how Speedstorm’s Early Access program works, and what you can get for your money instead of just playing? A 5,000-word FAQ awaits you on the official websiteThat’s about 4,950 more words than I generally want to absorb before playing ostensibly family-friendly kart racing. In any case, if you’re under the impression that Speedstorm is a mobile game masquerading as a PC and console game, we know that in its current Early Access state, it feels like a pretty accurate way to describe it. Please know.

bare minimum

There are several reasons for this, but even more disappointing is the fact that Speedstorm is a mean little arcade combat kart racer. It has a particularly good drift feel and can be easily adjusted in the middle of the slide, allowing it to open up into long, low-angle power slides. I have. With responsive controls and just the right amount of weight when the kart rushes onto the track and back onto the course from jumps, we have absolutely no complaints about handling. This is obviously a very important part of the karting racer equation. And, although PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC only, Speedstorm thankfully has his 4-player split screen. PS4, Xbox One, and Switch are his two-player only.

Combat also has some interesting layers, and items can be used in different ways depending on how you activate them. It can stun enemies, or it can charge for a few seconds and trigger an explosion around it that can knock out multiple other racers at once. , can also be charged to become an attack force field that actually explodes and takes down enemies.

Each character also has themed power-ups. Donald Duck, for example, gets a protective raft that turns into a flock of ghostly fists. Also, Donald Duck is angry, a WWII veteran, and proud of his pants, so I have a lot of time.

Donald Duck is angry, a WWII veteran, and proud to wear pants, so I spend a lot of time on Donald Duck.

In that regard, the dartboard approach to Disney characters typified by Speedstorm created a shortlist of fairly random characters and tracks, including The Jungle Book, Hercules, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, and Monster. bottom. Inc. cuts with Mickey and his pals.A modern race suit is a cute touch, but the art team has made it look like Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, which is full of personality to suit the driver. I think you’re missing a trick with a vehicle that looks like a super vanilla compared to a sleek kart. .

The selection of tracks, from dank pirate harbors to Monsters, Inc. factories, and from Disney’s black-and-white origins to the opulence of Mount Olympus, all boast sufficiently different atmospheres, but they’re not particularly technical, and they’re perfect for every moment. The bigger problem is that despite seeming to boast several track ribbons per environment, the course reuses very important sections. There is more variety in remixed music tracks than in racing tracks. As a result, Speed ​​Storm starts to feel very repetitive very early on.

It doesn’t help that the solo format of this one-off race is frankly a little boring. Obviously, given its destiny as a live service game, there’s no doubt there’s a ton of new tracks on the pipe set due to arrive at regular intervals, but they’re still Not here. So what are you buying now? Do you have some digital tokens and a dedicated racing suit to tell people you were here? Quite a sale.

Oops, I’ll bother you, Gacha

This brings us to a point where this 40-year-old father checks out both physically and mentally.The gacha style, mobile-inspired upgrades and currency system are the absolute Kryptonite for me. To put it bluntly, Speedstorm’s sheer amount of nonsense menus and overlapping economies is simply ridiculous.

To put it bluntly, Speedstorm’s sheer amount of nonsense menu and overlapping economy is simply ridiculous.

Tokens are blue. These are earned by completing objectives and increasing reward levels during races.It looks like you can buy tokens to get quick access to locked content. like It’s a token, but it’s yellow. These are seasonal coins.These can be obtained by passing the Golden Pass, which is equivalent to Speed ​​Storm’s Battle Pass. or Includes Golden Pass credits.that is another Currency that comes with Early Access Packs, separate from Tokens and Season Coins. Then there are season tickets and universal box credits. These look like tokens, but they are purple.

Another is multiplayer coins, which are tokens that are naturally earned from competing online. There are ranked multiplayer races that can be entered regardless of character level, and “regulated” races where racer stats are standardized. I’ve won both races, but kart racing is like a very soulless race with strangers and I don’t understand the appeal of it.

But if you use the Speedstorm shop, you have to do it. price Multiplayer token. However, some require blue tokens while others require yellow tokens. Sometimes it takes a purple one. why? Items may be available à la carte right there or in blind boxes. Did I mention there are different types of boxes? There are many different types of boxes.

Then there are the racer shards. This is basically another individual character-specific currency that you use to unlock racers and upgrade your character’s star level. Then there are upgrade materials that basically stack. another Currency also needed to upgrade characters. To keep up with the competition, you have to do it. this Items can be found in loot boxes earned by playing, rewarded via Golden Passes, or purchased from shops in one of several currencies. maybe not. Purchased 20 Mulan Shards for 1,200 Tokens. This will automatically be exchanged for 1 Mulan Star. Mike Wazowski wants to be faster, but now he needs 4 Scare Tanks, 1 turbo, 4 wrenches, and 2 wrenches are missing. Did someone say this out loud?

This doesn’t sound like a game. it sounds like a job.

are you still following? Because, frankly, I don’t think I am anymore. The mechanical monkey in my brain has just backflipped off a building. It hasn’t even reached the crew mechanics.This looks like a JPG of some other random Disney character here another thing You should upgrade. Or loot points. Or collection level. This is the point, but different. Are children going to understand this? This doesn’t sound like a game. it sounds like a job.

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