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Disney’s Gaming Arm Is ‘Paying Attention’ to Blockchain Endeavors, But Isn’t Invested For Now

Gaming has been hit with serious whiplash in web3, blockchain, and NFT-related everything lately, with many companies jumping on the bandwagon (some with massive backlash) and others more cautious. is playing on Now you can add the Disney Games division to the “currently not interested” column.

In an interview with Disney, Pixar, and Disney VP of 20th Century Games, Luigi Priore, he told IGN that Disney is watching the industry closely right now, observing changes and trends to see what will eventually take hold. He said he was looking into it but said nothing needed to be done. For now, I’m announcing a blockchain project.

“This is a whole new field,” says Priore. “We are always paying attention to what happens there. Because there’s not a lot, are we looking at it and are we paying close attention? As soon as we do, we will be there.”

In a follow-up statement to IGN, a representative for Disney Games revealed that the company has no plans for NFT or blockchain games.

Blockchain technology, including assets such as NFTs, has been controversial in the gaming industry over the past few years for a variety of reasons, including: Concerns about potential fraud Even if Worried about environmental impactProponents argue that the technology could be used to create unique in-game items that individuals can truly own and buy and sell. The use cases are few, if any, that could not be replicated by other existing technologies, pointing out that games that implement them tend to be aggressively focused on monetization. Does not actually benefit most players. and Research at this year’s Game Developers Conferenceonly 28% of game developers were interested in implementing NFTs, while 27% were interested in cryptocurrencies as a payment tool.

many companies (including square Enix, ubisoftWhen epic games) has jumped on blockchain and NFTs in a variety of capacities, from turning Cloud Strife figures into NFTs to simply opening up or investing in blockchain games. valve, take 2When Xbox) are much more cautious of, or outright against, this idea.some companies such as Stalker 2 by GSC Game World When Worm developer Team17 announced the NFT project, received a lot of backlash, and then withdrew the plan.

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Rebekah Valentine is a news reporter for IGN. you can find her on her twitter @duck valentine.

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