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Doctor Who Is the Next TV Show to Get a Magic: The Gathering Crossover

Wizards of the Coast announced today that a Doctor Who crossover is in the works for Magic: The Gathering. The latest addition to his ever-growing list of TV show crossovers, Magic will be getting new cards in the third quarter of 2023 as well as four unique Commander his decks featuring Doctor Who characters. increase.

Magic’s crossover products fall under what the WOTC calls “Universe Beyond”, separate from its own canonical world. For example, today’s Wizards Presents reveal event also provided additional details about a Lord of the Rings-themed set coming in 2023, but that set will be much bigger than the Doctor of His Who crossover. increase.

Magic: The Gathering – The Doctor Who Universe Beyond Crossover Art

The structure of this is Warhammer 40K Commander Not only decks, but also booster packs. There are four different Doctor Who Commander decks, each containing at least a few new cards depicting characters and events from the show, similar to his 40K deck. The pack that comes with them will be a collector booster containing special art treatments and foil versions of cards made for the crossover.

We didn’t see any specific cards, but we were already able to see the art for some of them (you can see them in the gallery above). This includes Matt Smith’s portrayal of his 11th Doctor giving his iconic speech at Pandoraka, Joe Martin’s The Fugitive Doctor, Tom Baker’s his 4th Doctor, and even his 12th Doctor. Contains a depiction of the Human Doctor saving Gallifrey from the Daleks. We’ll have to wait and see what the mechanics of these cards will be, but so far they seem very character-focused.

An exact release date for this crossover has not been revealed, but WOTC says it will be aligned with some of Doctor Who’s own show plans for the second half of next year. It’s not the first TV show to appear on — The Walking Dead, stranger things, arcane,Furthermore my little pony All participating in the Universe Beyond Initiative. Magic is also seeing crossovers with video games, from Street Fighter to video games. fortnite.

The Wizards Presents event also detailed Magic’s 2023 set plans and WOTC’s future plans for Dungeons and Dragons. Most notably, the tabletop role-playing game is ditching a new system “edition” called D&D One, but plans to bring back the Planescape setting as well.

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