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DongshanPI-D1s is a RISC-V Development Board for Less Than $20

Another RISC-V development system is now available. This time, it has an Allwinner D1s processor in a package designed to teach programming. Higashiyama PI-D1 is CNX software (opens in new tab)is sold with a carrier board installed AliExpress (opens in new tab) For under $20.

(Image credit: 100ask)

Compared to something like the Raspberry Pi 4 (opens in new tab), Dongshan PI-D1s, designed at 100ask, are a bit lighter in the spec department, but much smaller and cheaper. It has 64MB of DDR2 RAM. There’s also 16MB of flash storage, which is said to be powerful enough to encode and decode 1080p video at 60fps (although encoding seems limited to Motion JPEG).

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